Sabado, Enero 31, 2015

Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte, NC: Helping You Deal with Dental Fear

Dentophobia can severely affect your overall health and well-being, especially if, because of your fear of dental practitioners or treatment, you prefer not to visit a dentist in Charlotte, NC and let your dental problems go untreated. Avoiding dental treatment, or even a simple dental cleaning, can cause bigger problems in your oral health, such as tooth decay, and even the gradual degradation and loss of dental enamel. Dentophobia could be traced to a previous bad experience with a dentist, or with issues like mood swings, anxiety disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder, in which fear of a dentist is an unpleasant side effect.

Huwebes, Enero 29, 2015

Seeking a Dentist in Charlotte, NC to Help Bring Back the Big Smiles

People are generally conscious of what image they’re trying to project to other people. A smile, which is supposed to make a good first impression, could sometimes be the deal breaker when the situation calls for impressing someone. Since a poor smile may result in various psychological and social problems, it should be addressed by the local neighborhood dental practice. Susanne Cervenka, writing for the Ashbury Park Press, says that the effort exerted to achieve a wonderful smile may go beyond aesthetics; it could eventually lead to better oral health and habits as you discover things that could improve your smile. Thus, it’s essential to know your goal for smile restoration from the onset.

Martes, Enero 27, 2015

A Dentist in Charlotte, NC Aids in Bolstering your Teeth’s Foundation

If you’ve lost at least one tooth on either set, you need to know that it could lead to the degradation of your jawbone. All is not lost, however, when you seek help from a dentist in Charlotte, NC like the professionals at the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. As HealthAIM’s Katrina Fuentes writes, a dental implant may be the key to bringing back part of the jaw’s foundation. Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically inserted into a gap created by a tooth that was evaluated to have been lost due to decay or another degenerative function. Titanium is the preferred metal used for implantation due to its ability to meld with existing bone mass. This, in turn, arrests any potential deterioration of the jawbone from tooth loss and stops the lost tooth’s adjacent teeth from gradually moving closer together.

Linggo, Enero 25, 2015

Dentist in Charlotte, NC Offers Dental Solutions for Baby Boomers

By all indications, more and more people will be going to their trusted dentist in Charlotte, NC to replace missing teeth with implants, bridges, and such. The latest Markets and Markets report has predicted an impressive growth in the global demand for these procedures, from $3.3 billion this year to more than $4.7 billion in 2019. As an article in online dental resource explains: The report indicates that this market has experienced significant growth over the past few years with rising incidences of tooth caries and other periodontal conditions, with an overall increase in edentulism globally. As the baby-booming population ages, there is a rising demand for tooth restorative techniques and products such as single-tooth implants and dental bridges.

Huwebes, Enero 22, 2015

Dentist in Charlotte, NC: Solutions to Tooth Loss from Various Causes

Unlike natural teeth, keratin problems and other organic decay causes cannot affect dental implants, making them essentially longer lasting. Along with proper oral hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime, while looking and functioning very much like real teeth. With a tooth replacement, there's less risk of gum recession as a result of the bone being exposed to outside stimuli. Regular cleaning, however, remains a necessity to prevent bacteria from infecting the gums. Installation of dental implants works with sedation dentistry in Charlotte, NC, which can greatly help patients relax during the procedure. Sedation also prevents unwanted, autonomous reactions from the jaw during the operation, such as gag reflexes. Dental offices like Ballantyne Center for Dentistry perform dental implants and offer sedation dentistry, giving patients a holistic kind of dental caring.